Friday, October 23, 2009

Episode Seven: More Gen Con 2009

Yes the second episode of Gen Con and my two episodes didn't get the tip of the iceburg. The strange and unusual things that I saw there will be something I remember in therapy for many years. We didn't even catch the act of me acting like Obama playing Dungeons and Dragons and (playfully) berating the crowd for being a bunch of racists, or my great survival skills against monsters and traps in True Dungeon only to die by a the hand of a word puzzle, or me passed out on a hotel lobby couch for 2 hours waking up next a guy wearing all plastic wrap named xeonnoan. He was waiting for the spaceship to take him back his planet welatte that exists in the 25th dimension. He was nice little loon, I hope he made it home.

Anyway enjoy the next episode. This one features Ryan Sohmer the writer for the webcomics Looking for group and Least I Could Do, and Bill Roper the executive producer of Champions online. Plus I go around speaking with various Gen Con Attendees.